No matter what your security of safety concerns, AIKMO has a workshop that fits your needs. Let our team know what you and your group would like to focus on specifically, and we can provide you with a customized curriculum for a workshop (or series of workshops) that address your chosen topics exactly. 

We have specialty workshops specifically designed for these security needs:

  • Situational awareness and defense against street crime (mugging, armed assault, hostile crowds).
  • Training for vulnerable and marginalized communities to defend against harassment and hate crimes.
  • Workshops to prevent rape and sexual assault.
  • Managing multiple aggressors, hostile crowds and crowd control.
  • Training for security personnel, bouncers and doormen.
  • Classes for law enforcement and military.
  • Situations involving firearms, knives, sticks and bats (as well as various other weapons).
  • Crisis situations like carjacking, hostage taking, and conflicts on board airliners.
  • Active shooter situations or mass knifing attacks.
  • Defense tactics during a home invasion.
  • Classes for individuals with neuromuscular issues, students with severe physical limitations, and individuals on the autism spectrum.

If you don’t see your particular self-defense need above, just contact us and we can put together EXACTLY what you are looking for. At AIKMO Krav Maga, we can customize the workshop to meet your specific needs. We allow you to skip the nonsense and get straight to the point, giving you self-defense techniques you can use for instant protection no matter what age or experience level.

  • These workshops are available for groups of any size.
  • Workshops can take place anywhere; at our facility or one of your choosing.
  • We can schedule a workshop at your convenience. Just tell us what time works best for you.
  • These events can be used as team building exercises or as fundraisers.
  • Our Workshops save lives; invite others to partake.
  • We can help promote your event.
  • Call 954-866-8500 to make a reservation.
Pricing can vary but it is always affordable. Just let us know if you are attending an event at our academy or if you are hosting one at a different location and we can customize a per person or a group rate.

Please wear comfortable clothing similar to what you would wear at the gym. T-shirts and sneakers are required. Due to the active nature of the workshop, we do not advise tank tops, thin straps, a bare midriff, clothing that is too tight or restricts movement.  Minimal jewelry please. Hair longer than shoulder-length should be put up. If the workshop takes place at our facility: soft-soled shoes are preferred for use on the mat. No sandals, flip-flops or crocs please. Attire may change depending on the specific focus of the event or the needs of the facilitators. Some workshops may require additional protective gear.

The instructors were patient, simultaneously keeping the atmosphere light without sugar coating very real, very scary scenarios. The workshop was fantastic, leaving me with some new skills that I will ideally never need to deploy.

Felicia B.